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2012 Tony Awards: The Nominations

The 2012 Tony Award nominees have been announced!

Of the 30 shows rockin’ some nominations:

  • 21 are still currently running on The Broadway
  • Of the 9 that have closed, I saw only 3 (!)
  • Of the 21 that are still going strong, I’ve seen only seen 8* (!)

This leaves 13 shows to see in 40 days before the Awards on June 10th.  After my Oscar-a-thon which boasted 61 films in 34 days, this is a total breeze. Unfortunately, it’s also approximately $450-worth of the “best” of New York theatre on offer (and that’s only because I still, rather fraudulently, claim student status). I’m not sure I can afford it this year — actually, I know I can’t — so my blogging shan’t be as comprehensive as years of yore (*Hell, I’m already cheating by saying I ‘saw’ Clybourne Park and Other Desert Cities, when in actuality one was off-Broadway and the other, a semi-different cast, but whatever — sorry, Judy, but even you are not worth paying to see the latter again). But, hey, if you feel like sponsoring me to see a show…

Back to the nominees: Just because I’ve only seen one-third of the nominated shows doesn’t mean I’ll refrain from commenting on all of them, so here goes!

  • Hooray, Rob Ashford!! If Kathleen Marshall bests you again, I swear to m*th3rfuc&in…
  • Nicky Silver finally makes it to the Great White Way — and he gets stiffed, royally. But that Linda Lavin! She’s already got the shiny gold statue in her back pocket, and deservedly so.
  • The Hottest Mess to Ever Hit Broadway. Ever. gets two nominations! In case you thought it was a distant memory, oh, no: Taymor’s legacy LIVES ON.
  • Two of the “Best Original Scores” are not from musicals, and one of the others is a Frank Wildhorn piece. WTF happened, musical theatre?
  • If Christopher Oram and Neil Austin worked on a show, they should be nominated. Same for Angela Lansbury.
  • The Mountaintop, Chinglish, and Seminar are super-snubbed. Which also means that Sam L. Jackson was shafted. (I know, but I couldn’t resist. Seriously though: not cool, committee. Not motherfuckin’ cool.)
  • I’m not gonna lie: I’m totally stoked to have an excuse to see Ghost the Musical.
  • Hugh Jackman is honored with a special Tony Award. Because he’s been in a whoppin’ 3 shows on Broadway.
  • Can someone please explain to me how Newsies and Once are eligible for Best Book of a Musical and Newsies for Best Score? Does originality really not matter anymore, even for amazingly arbitrary award rules?
  • Woody Allen proves that just because he puts out work, doesn’t mean it’ll get nominated. (Unless it’s for a film.)
  • Sondheim proves that just because he puts out (old) work, it does mean it’ll get nominated.
  • Am I the only one really excited for the (unlikely) possibility of Porgy and Bess winning over Follies? Can the camera please pan to Sondheim?
  • I still, unequivocally, support Scott Rudin’s decision. No regrets, Rudy, no regrets!

I know I haven’t seen much (then again, there’s not much to see), but this season is rather snooze-y, right? Ah well, it’s what we have to work with. Here we go!

13 shows. 40 days. 
(that doesn’t sound nearly that impressive.)


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