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2012 Tony Awards: Post-Awards Wrap-Up

A little post-show commentary, if you will.

2012 Tony Moments:
The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Candice Bergen

Red Carpet Highs and Lows

Audra, always a class act.

Alice Ripley, always a creeper, weirds out Brian d’Arcy James with her obsession with his eyebrows. Not exactly next to normal, Ripley.

Candy! Did you shellack an old quilt to make that shiny blue-flowered pantsuit?! And what is in that nest on top of your head?!

Exorcisteract. Field of Dream Girls. Psycho, Calcutta! 

I’d like to see Rob Ashford choreograph My Left Footloose. He still won’t win a Tony, but it’ll be fucking awesome.

Porgy and Bess wins Best Revival of a Musical

Did anyone see Sondheim’s reaction? Anyone??

Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables

Not technically part of the awards, true, but what a perfect collaboration between an emotionally manipulative musical and the master of emotional manipulation. I can’t lie: I’m kinda excited.

Unchained what?

Man, I don’t remember Ghost the Musical‘s music being that bad. Oh, wait: that’s because I was drunk.

Sheryl Crow, composer of the upcoming musical adaptation of Diner

Relayed without comment.

Steve Kazee’s speech

A beautiful performance and a beautiful speech. Well deserved, sir.

The Tony Spin

If you believed the performances at this year’s awards, you’d think Porgy and Bess, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Once were the most exciting shows ever. But seriously: Josh Young, I’m sorry I missed you! You are like a rockin’, smokin’ hot Josh Groban.

The Hottest Mess to Ever Hit Broadway. Ever. gets super-dissed

Voters couldn’t even manage sympathy votes for the recently deceased famed designer, Eiko Ishioka. Way harsh, voters, way harsh. (Love your sparkly costumes, though, Greg Barnes!)

Nina Arianda crushes on Captain Von Trapp

“Sir, you were my first crush. When that whistle was blown in the The Sound of Music… it made my day.”

Me too, Nina, me too. And because of that, and your infectious charm, I am A-Ok with you takin’ this one from the Lavin. (Though she’s not, so you might want to keep your distance.)

Surprise! Philip Seymour’s sourpuss doesn’t win

James Corden, get it. You AND your baby mamma.

Regional theatres for the win

With so many shows originating out-of-town or off-Broadway, winners were name droppin’ regional theatres like it was their job.

Congrats to the following for makin’ shit happen: American Repertory Theater, Classic Stage Company, Mark Taper Forum, New York Theatre Workshop, Paper Mill Playhouse, Playwrights Horizons, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and beyond (I lost count!).

Ok, folks, that’s it for the 2012 Tony Awards!

I predicted 19 out of the 26 winners…not my best work, to be sure, but it was a good time. But not as good of a time as the 2013 Oscars will be! (Aww, yeah, get ready!)


2 comments on “2012 Tony Awards: Post-Awards Wrap-Up

  1. backontheboards
    June 18, 2012

    Extreme delayed reaction here – but yes, Steve Kazee’s speech was gorgeous and the best kind of heartwrenching. And I am very glad I did *not* miss Josh Young. 🙂


    • Julie
      June 18, 2012

      Well, color me jealous 🙂


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