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20 Days of (Theatrical) Thanks

My friend Allison started the Facebook page 20 Days of Thanks in November of 2010, and I’ve decided to put my own little theatrical spin on it.

Here’s how it works:

About 20 Days of Thanks

For the 20 days leading up to Thanksgiving, snap a photo of (or mention) something that brings you gratitude. Tag 20 Days of Thanks in your post. Spread the thanks.


An exercise in gratitude, 20 Days of Thanks begins this year, 2012, on Friday, November 2 and runs through Thanksgiving, November 22.

1. Each day, for 20 days, share something in your life for which you are thankful (via text, photo, video, whatever!)

2. Mention 20 Days of Thanks in your Facebook post so our little community can share in your joy. (Don’t forget to “@” tag 20 Days of Thanks so our growing group can get lots of warm and fuzzies!)

3. Prepare to have your little world broadened and brightened.

Simple concept — Infectious gratitude.

Invite your friends. Let’s get this thing going!!

Like this blog, all of my “thanks” will be theatre and film-related. Even if you don’t know Allison (or me, for that matter), feel free to join the page and share your thanks. It’s a fantastic reminder of what’s important.

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