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20 Days of Theatrical Thanks 2012: Day 3

Today I’m thankful for… 2-show days.

Modern Terrorism: From left, Nitya Vidyasagar, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Steven Boyer and William Jackson Harper.

One of my favorite things to do — especially during Oscar season — is double, or even triple, features at the huge AMC theaters. No, I don’t pay for more than one movie, and no, I don’t feel particularly guilty about it (you cannot even imagine how much money I spend on movies in January and February).

But with theatre, this is obviously not possible. It’s therefore a super-treat when, on a Saturday or Sunday, I can see both a matinee and evening performance, and it’s even more amazing for my theatre-junkie self when I don’t have to pay for either show. This is the case today: this afternoon I’ll be seeing Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar at Lincoln Center thanks to a director-friend who couldn’t use his tickets at the last minute, and in the evening I’ll catch the final performance of John Kern’s Modern Terrorism, or They Who Want to Kill Us and How We Learn to Love Them, which was offered through a work connection.

I’m thankful for living in a city that allows me to see a different show every day of the week if I wanted, and for all my wonderful friends and connections who think of me when they need to fill seats!

For more info about 20 Days of Thanks, go here.

2 comments on “20 Days of Theatrical Thanks 2012: Day 3

  1. Rachel
    November 14, 2012

    And don’t forget about those rare three-show days. Did someone say Hallway Trilogy?


    • Julie
      November 14, 2012

      Besides that rare occasion, though, have we ever seen three in one day?


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