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20 Days of Theatrical Thanks: Day 11

Today I’m thankful for… Tony Kushner (working in film).

Tony Kushner (2nd from l.) and Steven Spielberg (r.) on the set of Lincoln. Photo by David James.

It’s so rare to see a well-scripted, smart and political mainstream film these days. But Lincoln is all that thanks to Tony Kushner who can craft scenes that are both intellectually hefty and emotionally vigorous.  (I’ll try to write an actual review within the next day or two.)

Watching Lincoln made me contemplate the time when it was the norm to see our greatest playwrights’ names on screen: Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill. Of course, these were largely just cinematic adaptations of their plays, which still happens today with playwrights like Tracy Letts and David Lindsay-Abaire.

I don’t exactly wish our best playwrights to abandon the stage, but I’m thankful for Mr. Kushner’s sojourn in Hollywood.

One comment on “20 Days of Theatrical Thanks: Day 11

  1. thoughtsontheatre
    November 12, 2012

    Seriously, yes!


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