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Off-Off-Broadway Theatre Review: The Pigeoning

The Pigeoning Captivates with Clever, Moving puppetry

The Pigeoning. Photo by Richard Termine.

The Pigeoning. Photo by Richard Termine.

A middle-aged 9-5er sits at attention at his highly organized desk in a dull, spare, wood-paneled office. He pores over a safety manual, vigorously highlighting essential remarks, forcefully repeating them to himself as though trying to permanently lodge their obvious yet hilariously vague sentiments into his head (strive to “support functionality of ourselves and others”).

With his 1980s comb-over and droopy eyes hidden behind coke-bottle glasses, Frank is one of those office drones that works to live, yet life outside the office seems non-existent. He’s a sad, even depressing, figure, and yet, in The Pigeoning, created and directed by Robin Frohardt and presented as part of the HERE Dream Music Puppetry program (one of the few programs in the country to commission contemporary adult puppet works), he’s exceptional…

Read the full review here.


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