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Oscars 2014: Nomination Recap

S7ifazvlThe nominations for the 86th Academy Awards were announced this morning, and you can find the full list here. As per usual, there were a few surprises. Here are some of my choice reactions to the nominees:

No Emma Thompson: It appears that the Academy, tragically, doesn’t know how to not nominate Meryl.

Leo for Best Lead Actor: Can I get an AMEN!!

No Blackfish: For once, the Academy has good taste.

No Thelma: The masterful editor of Wolf of Wall Street got the shaft because of, you guessed it, that American Hustle mess.

Jonah Hill for Supporting: I  am proud to say that I called this one. Also, it’s deserved.

Saving Mr. Banks gets the shaft: We all thought this sentimental, white-washed Disney pic would make a good showing on Oscar morning, but it received exactly one nomination: Best Score.

Best snubs: The Academy totally dissed Lee Daniels’ The Butler (which means I will promptly return it to Netflix without watching it) and Rush (which we didn’t understand the buzz for anyway!). But are you allowed to diss Oprah like that?

I can’t believe I have to watch The Croods.

Crazy Cinematography Noms: Roger Deakins gets his nom (called that one!)  and The Grandmaster, a foreign film, does too (but doesn’t get the nod for Foreign Language Film. Odd.)

All is Lost for Redford: The actor is surprisingly snubbed, as is the film, with only a nod for Sound Editing.

Oscar spurns The Coens: Inside Llewyn Davis is shut out except for Cinematography and Sound Mixing. The brothers do not receive a writing nom.

Who’s excited to watch an Oscar-nominated Jackass movie? This girl!!

Accusations of racism? No biggie! The Lone Ranger receives noms for Makeup (Johnny Depp as a Native American) and Visual Effects.

No Sci-Fi films make the cut (Thank God): But we still have to contend with superheroes (Iron Man 3) and fantasy (The Hobbit). Sigh.

August: Osage County: Such bad direction that it tainted the writing — no nod for Adapted Screenplay.

Top-Nominated Films

American Hustle – 10
Gravity – 10
12 Years a Slave – 9
Captain Phillips – 6
Dallas Buyers Club – 6
Her – 5
The Wolf of Wall Street – 5

Out of 107 nominations (not including the 15 shorts), I predicted 79 correctly and Aaron had 72 (which does not include the spoilers, many of which we also correctly predicted). Not too bad. But not great either.

57 Films. 24 Blog Posts. 45 Days.
Let’s do this.


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